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    FieldNotes allows your to annotate the photos you take with our app or quickly make sketches by drawing on the screen.

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    Voice Notes

    Make voice recordings as part of your geo-referenced note (on capable devices).

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    Want to capture more detail than a set of photos can reveal? Record a video of your subject and you're sure to get your point across. (on capable devices)

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    Easily find directions to the locations of a note.

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    Export Formats

    We allow exporting to Google Earth KMZ files, zipped archives of all note contents, and well-formatted professional looking PDFs. All of these options are geo-referenced by default.

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    Cloud Ready

    FieldNotes allows your to deliver your finished products via email, iTunes file transfer (when you don't have internet), DropBox, and FTP.

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    Customized PDF Files

    PDF files are signed with your name, and can include your logo if you get a custom version of the app.

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    FieldNotes automatically looks up your current address for you.

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    Keep every project separate and organized with folders.